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Sunday, April 7, 2013

meeting puzzlers

The one thing I love and hate about my job is the research and the travel to foreign lands that goes with it.  This past month has seen me almost disappear from the puzzle world.  I've been so busy doing my day job that I simply haven't had time for more than a cursory glance at forums, or to read blogs let alone post on my own.

This last bout of work has seen me in Singapore and Thailand.  And you should know by now that one of my criteria is that I meet with puzzlers when I travel.  (The other criteria is of course the conference must be interesting)

The first place we went was Bangkok.  Sadly, I forgot to ask about meeting up with puzzlers, but as it turned out, a puzzler contacted me.  I posted a photo of some really nasty Thai whiskey that one of the boys and I were sharing (Don't try it.  That stuff is like drinking gasoline!) and Traipumi saw it on Facebook and arranged a meeting for the following week when I went back for a short vacation.

In the mean time I headed off for Singapore and a meet up with fellow blogger Jerry.  He very nicely picked me up at my hotel and we headed off for dinner.  Mexican if I remember right.  But before the meal came we had to play a bit with some toys.  Jerry brought along a bunch for me to look at and I brought along one or two as well.

Before we met, we had conversed via email for a while and I requested to see his Einstein puzzle.  He also brought along a Marcel butter churn and a few more.  He asked me to see a Berrocal and I very gladly obliged.  I showed him how to disassemble David, and let him take Maria apart.  As happened to me when I saw Maria at Hendrik's house, Jerry instantly said he would now purchase one if given the opportunity.  They are beautiful pieces of work and just call out to you once you see one.  I also brought along Arrow Blocks and a couple of wire puzzles and a Hanayama I had in my bag.

We spent around 3 hours together puzzling and chatting about fellow puzzlers, bloggers, and sellers too.    Jerry was quite the gentleman.  As always, I was happy to meet a fellow blogger and instantly felt comfortable with him.  I was there for work, and my colleagues called to ask where I was.  Jerry the gent, dropped me at the bar they were at and we all enjoyed a nice cool walk back to the hotel.  Singapore was a beautiful, albeit sterile, city.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to go, but even more glad that I got to spend time with a new friend.

A rather pleasant surprise for me was that I will have the oportunity to see Jerry again in the not too distant future.  It seems he and I will be in the same city for a weekend near summers end. I left him with my Arrow Blocks, and he left me with Einstein and the butter churn.  We'll return them when we next meet.

As we were parting company, Jerry and I exchanged puzzles.  He gave me a new one he was working on and I gave him "Oli's travelling puzzle" (my name, not his).  This puzzle has now gone from the UK and an MPP to HK to Singapore.  I wonder where it will end up next???

It was a real joy to meet him.  Thank you for a lovely evening my friend!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Jerry's Ball in Cylinder puzzle

Fellow Blogger Jerry Loo blogger gone inventor! posted about a project he was working on. I sent off a message right away congratulating him and at the same time saying I'd love a copy. A short while later I received an email asking for my mailing address.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got a box from Singapore come in last week.
all balls inside

Because I was entertaining guests, the puzzle was put on hold until this past Sunday.  I brought it along for my usual puzzling/testing time.  Having read Kevin's blog post about it I was very careful as I didn't want to loose my balls.  I gingerly removed the tape and pop! Out came a ball bearing.  Luckily I had read that this would happen and had already prepared a towel to catch the ball in.  I popped it back in and started to twist the balls around.  Yep. It was good and stuck!  Now to solve it!

This puzzle sings!  It makes such beautiful sounds, but unluckily for me I couldn't work on it during the session.  It just made to much noise.   I had to put this away until the next day.

I'm glad I did too.  I sat down to play with it and spent a good deal of time with the puzzle and a flashlight rotating it around trying to see what was going on.  No spoilers here, but suffice it to say it was good fun to solve.  I popped the ball out and had to drop it back in again to see if I was clever enough to solve it without the aid of a flashlight.  Again the singing of the puzzle.  I just love the tinkling sound that it makes.  No luck for me.  The ball was good and stuck and I needed to spend some time to get the ball out again.  But the good news is, I managed.  And being the puzzler I am, I dropped that ball in yet again and went one more time!  This time it took me less than 20 minutes to work it out.  Three times the charm right?  I stopped and grabbed a few of the Strijbos cylinders for a comparison.  Jerry's Ball in Cylinder ranks right up there with these puzzles.
a comparison with the Strijbos cylinders

Jerry's puzzle is slightly taller than the others in the photo.  It's almost the same diameter of the AlCyl.  If you are interested in getting Jerry's new puzzle, go contact him over on his blog!  The fun involved in this one won't let you down.  And the quality!  It's a beautifully tooled aluminum puzzle.  Very professionally done.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


You know, one puzzle I don't have is a Turkey.  I guess I will have to rectify that problem.  Maybe I can go get a puzzle and glue some feathers and a waddle to it.  Now there's an idea, DIY turkey.  Come to think of it, I don't have a cornucopia or any of the other Thanksgiving fixings.

But I do have A LOT to be thankful for this year.  I still have Mr. Man and he's still putting up with my collecting obsession.  Bug is still not into puzzles, but always helps with the crystal puzzle assembly.

I've got some amazing friends who I adore. I get to see SmaZ and his new creations on a regular basis, I meet Uwe for dinner once a fortnight at least.

I get to go on around 5 or 6 puzzle trips a year.  I love IPP and the Guangzhou parties are just a blast.

I get to travel quite a bit for work and I usually manage to make a few puzzle purchases and a side trip to meet a fellow puzzler or two.

I accomplished a dream by mass producing my own puzzle.  (and if my luck holds, it will be at a local attraction in the spring.)

I get to read Allard's and Kevin's and Gabriel's and Jerry's and Brian's  and Neil's and Oli's blogs.  That keeps me looking for puzzles to purchase, and others to drool over.  All of them write so much better than I do, so if you haven't read their posts yet, go do so today!

Oh yes, and I got a few new puzzles this year....a few hundred that is!

Yep.  Life is good.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  I hope you take the time to sit back and think over your puzzle blessings.