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Friday, December 28, 2012

On the 4th day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
4 Mr. Fok's
3 Da Yan's
2 Brian Young's
And Stickman in a pine tree.

I met Mr. Fok way way way back in 2009. Ok, not so far back in terms of real years, but in puzzle years it's an awful lot.  My very first time to meet him Smaz, Luckystar, and I went on a factory trip.  I never said, but I think enough time has gone past now that I can say the visit was with Mr. Fok (Mf8) and that the puzzle was the crazy 4x4x4.  Wow do I feel better now that that secret is off my chest.

Mr. Fok is another of those gentle quiet men that I like so much.  He's incredibly bright and very hard working.  He'll join us for dinner and a short puzzling time, but  then he's right back to the warehouse designing and building and doing what ever else it is he does.  I'd love to show you a photo of him, but we have all sworn upon the threat of never getting another puzzle again that we will never show his face.

Instead, I'll give you two of the early puzzles that he is responsible for designing.  See, there was a time when Mf8 didn't exist...and Ultraman did!  Fun little puzzles that are a 2x2x2.  If you can find one, I would say grab it just for a piece of Mf8 history.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The life of a puzzle gal

At times I feel lucky.  At other times I feel like a groupy.  Still other times I feel like a stalker.  But for the rest of this week, I'll be in puzzle heaven and seriously over imbibing.

This evening it's off to Guangzhou for what I have affectionately called my "boys and toys" weekends.  Want a funny?   That phraseology started because of a really dumb song with a catchy beat.  Bug was playing it non-stop when I came home from a weekend.  She started teasing a rather green mother and that song was doing my head in.  My tormenting here with Amy Winehouse didn't help any and the next thing I knew, in a 9-year-old kind of way she changed the words and it just fit.

So Guangzhou.  I'm really chuffed today.  I'm going through this training thing and then it's a run to the station to meet my pal SmaZ for the ride over.  See tomorrow is the 8th year that the Mf8 forum has been running so friends are coming in from all over the country to celebrate. (we don't need much of an excuse to get together and celebrate here)

SmaZ, Tom, DaYan, Rox. We also have AJ, Ming, Mr. Fok, Witeden, Cubetwist, and a few others that come along.  I'm not sure if there is a competition this weekend, or if it's just an excuse for all to get together and have a good time. I've been told there will be Karaoke and beer so YES I said.  There's nothing like watching DaYan sing, and I've heard tell that Tom is just as good....Seriously though, it's all business when we go. No fun, no games....(yeah right!)

We'll come back on Monday the 9th when we can crawl out of bed...or rather when we are rolled out...or tossed out whichever comes first.  And then it's straight to the HKTGF (Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair) It runs this year from the 9th through the 12th.  My dear friend Dr. Panda won't be there this year, but I've got V-cubes!  Who would turn down the opportunity to spend 3 days with Konstantinos?  Now THERE is a boy!  :-)  

The fair is great fun. I run around and look at what's available, grab a few puzzles for my collection, say hello to some old friends. Drop in and get the Annual Tangle...And work the v-cubes booth.  I enjoy Konstantinos' company.  He's a great lad to be around.  There's this twinkle in his eye that matches my inner imp perfectly.  With that combination, it's bound to be fun.

With that kind of a week, I just know I'm going to pay for it for the rest of the month.