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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Planning a puzzle date...

Forgive this interruption of posting about puzzles. I'm having a bit of a dilemma and need some help. This is something that I've often wondered about, and would greatly love advice on. Any and all replies will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, so I've got some puzzle parties to go to in the upcoming weeks-a drastic change from my normal type of party this time of year-and I don't really know what to bring for others to try. I mean to me, my collection is so mundane. I know what I have, and I don't get super excited about my puzzles anymore. I mean I've played with them all.

So for those of you that actually read this drivel and keep an eye on some of the photos I post, if you had a chance to play with my toys, which ones would you choose? I want to bring 3-5 puzzles that people will enjoy-not some old boring pyraminx(although that is still MY favorite.

I guess the rules are simple:
1) They have to be able to be carried through customs without problems (I forgot to mention these things aren't in HK, nor are they all in China.)
2) They have to have a 'wow' factor. Solving, appearance, really doesn't matter.
3) They have to be somewhat rare or there would be no point in bringing them.
4) They have to be sturdy enough to be handled by many.

If you have a puzzle in mind, do tell. I've a very small bit of room left in my computer bag to toss puzzles into but do want to bring along a few toys to play with at these meets. I'd feel rather silly coming empty handed.

The problems of a travelling puzzler.......

I'm off to one of those 'normal seasonal parties' and puzzle hunting after. Provided I still have legs when I return home, I may find it in me to post about a real puzzle-not just my traveling one.