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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snow Mystery

Today's puzzle was made by Leslie Li at Very Puzzles.  It is a rather simple design and honestly not much of a challenge.  This one has two sides and 6 arms on the snow flake.  the disk in the center rotates around as do the 6 arms.  You mess up the puzzle by turning the arms and the middle disk around.  Eventually the arms will not match the colors along the center.  Then you simply put it back together. 

This is not a hard puzzle to solve, it's just a repetitive one.  To be honest, I think it's harder to mess it up than it is to solve it.  But the ease of puzzling is not what appeals in this case.  This time it's the look of the puzzle for me.  You have to admit it is very pretty!  I like the symmetry of the puzzle and the colors.  I mean it is pastel!  Now who doesn't like pastel puzzles?  
As this puzzle is a bit delicate  I wouldn't recommend it for younger puzzlers.  I have a feeling the arms would snap off.  I'm not sure what holds them in place, but I don't think it would stand the test of a child.  The puzzle itself is only 10.75mm thick.  
This puzzle reminds me a lot of the 'Magic Disk' puzzle I picked up from Hendrik a few years back. This one has a plate between the colors, and has two disks per color that spin.  Other than those minor differences, the basic principle of the two puzzles are the same.  Both are a nice addition to any collection, but remember. They are not at all difficult to solve, and both appear to be quite easy to break if mistreated-but then who would mistreat a poor puzzle!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HO HO HO! 'Tis the season....

Well yesterday was a bust. Eierlikoer and Jagermeister at Schnurrbart and I am done for. But hey it's Christmas time and you know what that means?

Presents! Lots and lots of Presents! And darned it all if they aren't all in Florida right now. Seriously. All those puzzles I ordered are waiting very nicely to be sent out in the new year. What a bust. Which brings me to Bits and Pieces. Right now I am so mad at them I could spit! I placed an order in early October with my correct address on it and what did they do? Send it to the wrong address. So now what? Well, they resent it and left off 4 puzzles that I really wanted with a 'sorry for the inconvenience caused' line of rubbish! Now I'm stuck with a $40+ surplus in their shop. So that means I must go buy something to use up that money. Problem is, the last batch that I got from them, just before this disastrous order-was terrible. Really poor quality stuff. Broken puzzles, misaligned puzzles, just plain cheap puzzles. Oh well, live and learn.

So what is on for today? Hmmm. How about an Oskar?

This one is pretty cool. I picked it up from him at IPP30. And did you check out that nifty signature of his. I think it was pretty lazy of him to leave off the "O" though.

For me it is fantastic. It has two of my favorite puzzles combined in one. Slide and Rubik's type. So the object of this puzzle is pretty self explanatory. Muck it up, and solve it. But the mucking is the fun part. It can be simply messed up like a 2x2x2, or it can have those bits slid around which adds to the difficulty.

This one was sent off to some far away country to a puzzle manufacturer not near me, and sadly turned down. But the good news is-the gear cubes were picked up! So if you want one of these lovely toys, you'll need to go over to Oskar's shapeways shop and pick one up.

As for me? I'm off for one of those office Christmas lunches....See you when I come up for Orange Juice and aspirin in about a week. :-)